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Garbage truck engine structure briefly
Release time:2014.05.23 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:

According to carol Electronic throttle body, the owner is necessary for the understanding and research of the engine, with the rapid development of domestic economy, prices are rising faster and faster, so further recognition engine can also help owners energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Garbage truck engine is made up by crank rod system, with gas institutions, fuel 0 material supply system, lubrication system, cooling system, starting system, ignition system, and control of engine working electronic equipment.

(1) cooling system including water pump, radiator, temperature control two-speed cooling fan, water pipe, thermostat, water jacket and water drain valve.

(2) the crankshaft link mechanism including cylinder head, cylinder block and oil pan. The piston, edge rod, crankshaft, flywheel assembly.

(3) the fuel supply system including electronic control fuel injection device system, gas tank, electric fuel pump, fuel filter, air filter, electric heater, mixture of air inlet pipe, the exhaust pipe and exhaust muffler.

(4) including a valve-train inlet valve, exhaust valve, gas springs, hydraulic tappet CAM shaft and the CAM shaft is tooth wheelchair, camshaft timing gear by the crankshaft timing gear through flexible synchronous cog belt.

(5) the lubrication system consists of oil pump, oil filter, pressure limiting valve, oil, oil filter, etc.

(6) the ignition system mainly includes the battery and generator, hall signal generator, ignition coil, ignition controller (commonly known as the ignition module and distributor.

According to carol Electronic throttle body, from the perspective of working principle, sanitation garbage truck engine is the main institutions of the crankshaft connecting rod mechanism, distribution mechanism, efi fuel supply system, ignition system and starting system, these institutions, the system is the key of the automobile specialized teaching, but for car drivers, more important is the lubrication system and cooling system, because the driver of the car to the operation maintenance content of lubrication and cooling system, because the drivers of cars is the main content of the maintenance operations of lubrication and cooling system, other systems maintenance to the pit.

Actually, in fact, after the maintenance of sanitation garbage truck and the new factory as there is also a period sanitation garbage truck, just adjust period sanitation garbage truck so long not to have a new factory, maintenance of sanitation garbage truck after running-in period, sanitation garbage truck drivers need to garbage truck front axle head, hand brake drum, brake drum, to pay attention to check the temperature of the transmission and driving axle, a lot of the time after the maintenance because of the limitation of neglect and conditions of the repairman tighten sanitation garbage trucks are not adjusted in place, this needs our own adjustment in the process of using combined with the actual inspection, such as sanitation front wheel hub is too big or too small, the garbage truck and low tire pressure, requires the running-in period adjustments according to the real working conditions of the sanitation garbage truck, these will affect the sanitation garbage truck power play.

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