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  According to the  Throttle Bod Kero noted, door closers, door closers through the liquid on the throttle to achieve buffer. Hydraulic door closers core design philosophy is to achieve control of the closing process, so that the process of closing the various function parameters can be adjusted according to the needs of people. Significance lies not only behind closed doors automatically close the door, but also to protect the door frame and the door (stable closed), more importantly closers has become a modern building to be reckoned with intelligent management of the operative part. Closers are mainly used in commercial and public buildings, but there are circumstances for use at home. They have many uses, where the main purpose is to close the door on their own to limit the spread of fire and ventilation inside the building.

The working principle behind closed doors and types of editing this paragraph back catalog

The basic element of the hydraulic door closers have a support guide, transmission gear, return spring, check valve, piston rack, throttle core and shell, cover, seals and rod. Housing and the connecting rod and the connecting door closers plays the role of fixed doors and door frames.

Closers works: When the door, the door connecting rod driven action, and to drive gears, drive rack piston moves to the right. The right of the plunger spring is compressed during the right hydraulic fluid chamber is pressurized. Piston ball check valve under the action of hydraulic pressure in the left turn and right hydraulic oil chamber flows through the check valve in the left chamber. When the process is complete open the door, because the spring is compressed in the open procedure, the elastic potential energy savings to be released, push the plunger Wang Zuoce driven transmission gears and closers link rotation, so the door is closed.

Spring release process, since the hydraulic oil chamber of the left door closer is compressed, the one-way valve is closed, the hydraulic oil can flow out through the gap between the housing and the plunger and the plunger and through the two holes Article equipped with throttle channel back to the core of the right chamber. Therefore, the hydraulic oil on the release of the spring constitutes a resistance, a buffer that is achieved by the throttling effect, the door closing speed is controlled. On the throttle body can be adjusted to control the different segments of the trip, you can change the closing speed. Although there are differences between different manufacturers of door closers structure, size, but the principle is the same.

Types of door closers can be divided into: externally mounted and embedded door top closers, door closers embedded door closers bottom (ground spring) and other types of door closers.
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