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There are tips for summer car maintenance
Release time:2014.05.03 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:
 For automotive maintenance, every season all have their own methods of protection. How should spring maintenance car? Spring car maintenance knowledge you have to know how much? Today Xiaobian Chang consulted with these problems, some experts regard automotive maintenance and repair industry, and to organize knowledge, to allow you to focus on owners car care of them, will be able to do more with less.

According Kero  Throttle Bod  is understood to protect the paint: Summer temperatures, sunlight often prolonged sun exposure, car paint obviously bad for the care of their car owners face it, we must pay attention to protect the car's paint, often washing and waxing. If you want to paint their own car to do a more thorough job of protection, if you want to protect the work more thoroughly, it is recommended to be sealed glaze or paint coating, to put a layer of paint "Crystal protective clothing." .

Prevent evaporation: the higher summer temperatures, evaporation of oil and water will increase, and therefore must take the fuel tank cap Gaiyan tubing to prevent oil leakage; always check the water level in the tank, the oil side of the crankcase, height, total brake brake fluid level height and density of the battery electrolyte and fluid level in the pump and so on. Irregularities, we should promptly add and adjust.

Prevent puncture: Summer road surface temperature is higher, car tires using the environment even worse, so be sure to pay attention to carry out inspection and maintenance work car tires, tire pressure checked regularly to prevent puncture.

Check the brake system: Summer is the rainy season, the rainy wet pavement caused by the friction coefficient between the tire and the road surface is reduced, especially in the case of tire tread Department has hydrocephalus, a lower coefficient of friction, a sensitive braking system is particularly important, Therefore, one should always check the brake system, try to be prepared.

Keep the car clean and tidy: car windows in the summer of love, a variety of harmful gases and pollutants will also attached to the velvet fabric fabric seats, the ceiling should be regularly cleaned. Instrument panel, door trim and other plastic parts use a brush with universal cleaners cleaning. In order to prevent surface cracking caused by ultraviolet irradiation, aging, after cleaning the table plate can be coated with a layer of wax.

Anti-overheat: Summer ambient temperature is high, the engine can overheat. Therefore, the summer should strengthen inspection of the engine cooling system maintenance, including water tanks, thermostat, water pump, fan, etc., timely filling of cooling water. When the water temperature exceeds 100 ℃, parking in the shade should be cool, let the engine idle, and opened the hood to facilitate heat dissipation.

Anti-car "spontaneous combustion", "blew": the case of spontaneous combustion car in summer, in addition to part of the reason some models beyond the design failures, improper operation or car ignition is caused by the presence of hidden main reason, because of the higher summer temperatures, car their failure rate is also greatly improved, so it should do the inspection of the car, focus on electric vehicles, such as checking the oil lines and found that the aging should be promptly repaired to prevent the generation of spontaneous combustion phenomenon.

Anti-poor lubrication: the higher summer temperatures, automotive lubricants susceptible to thermal thinning, making its antioxidant worse, perishable, or even result in Burnt axle failure. So should always check the number of lubricants, oil, and timely to be replaced, while a different brand of oil is best not to mix.

Proper use of air conditioning: summer temperatures rise, the importance of air conditioning suddenly emerged in the use of air conditioners must pay attention to the following matters, or easily cause unnecessary damage to the air conditioning or electrical waste oil.

Anti-rich mixture: due to high temperature, gas flow easily, but also because the amount of hole expansion, so that fuel flow rate increases, and easily vaporized fuel, resulting in the mixture is too thick. Therefore, you should tune a small hole, adjust the position of the throttle arm acceleration device connected, due to lower oil level float chamber to reduce the amount of oil.

Note that "antifreeze": In the summer, some people think antifreeze irrelevant, you can use ordinary tap water instead, in fact, this approach is wrong. Professional preparation of antifreeze is not only low temperature, high temperature characteristics are particularly good. When high-quality antifreeze close to 200 ℃ in order to be "boiling." Summer use antifreeze, the owner is not easily tank "boil" troubled by it. In addition, there are rust antifreeze, cleaning effect. So summer still use original antifreeze, it can play a "sunstroke" role.

Using air conditioning: Before entering the first compartment ventilation windows open at the same time open the outer loop, to be discharged after the heat inside the car air conditioning, so the cooling effect faster and better. When the vehicle speed is below 25km / h or so, air conditioning should be placed in a lower gear to prevent electricity and air-conditioning appear inadequate. Rainy road, window glass is easy to fog, affecting vision, this time as long as the direction of the wind raised the windshield, open air-conditioning compressor to send, we can achieve the purpose of effective demisting in seconds

According Kero  Throttle Bod  noted, spring is a good time to people traveling by car, enjoy the driving pleasure after a sightseeing tour, do you think a good reward for you toiled busy schedule "love horse" mean? The spring, spring weather is pleasant, the car is also good weather, maintenance is relatively easier, but the same effect can not be taken lightly, spring rain, footage, dusty, pay attention to clean, corrosion, mildew , and it can make your car as spring brings you happiness feelings.
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