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What are the future plans of e-business?
Release time:2014.04.25 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:
LCD panels and semiconductors are typical cutting-edge products in the past has been leading Japanese manufacturer of world development trend in these areas. Able to achieve this because Japanese companies have " cheap and good " labor, and strong financial strength . However, this has become history. Now, these markets have been preempted Korea , Taiwan and the Chinese mainland companies , Japanese companies retired. South Korea's Samsung Electronics is currently free cash flow of about 10 trillion yen , and the Japanese electronics maker is only one of its available funds a few points.

Japanese firms in high-tech components and assembly -type share of commodities have declined. The reason is that as the economy flattened , the economies of emerging market countries began to grow together , and with the development of liberalization and globalization, companies can both be in the same environment to conduct business in any area . From the results, even the most sophisticated products , as long as manufacturing equipment, can also be produced in emerging market countries where most of the products. With a modular and horizontal division of the electronics field continues to develop, it can be said it is easy to produce such products.

Such manual operation can be used in the manufacture of products in the field , one by one enterprise to participate, the influx of a large number of similar products in the market , resulting in an increasingly competitive costs . Although all companies have struggled to reduce costs, but the manufacturing unit regardless of where the purchase prices are not much different . Thus, electronic manufacturers have committed to the development of new production technologies , or promote the production site improvement measures . But improved technology and methodology will eventually spread. Also, labor costs , land costs and distance from markets , etc. is often an important factor in relation to the cost of Competition. Unfortunately , Japanese companies at this point and there is no advantage .

In Japan, the U.S. and Europe as a rival to the era , the situation is completely different. Japanese workers is very high quality , and labor costs lower than in Europe and America . To play this competitive advantage, Japanese manufacturing has been adhering to the "serious manufacturing cheap quality products" creed.

Since this actually promoted economic development , and therefore never be a wrong approach. But now the environment in which business is undergoing major changes , the glory of becoming the 20th century, this memorable history. Emerging market countries compete with the cost of Japanese companies will all of a sacked . From this reality, even if reluctantly , but also to understand not compete with emerging market countries on the same axis . Must find beyond cost or cost-competitive alternative to the axis , and honed into a competitive weapon . This competition axis means that European companies are often used as a weapon , such as "intrinsic " charm , and the ability to expand the hegemony of the United States in order to "product + service" .

Industry boundaries will disappear

History will repeat itself. European countries have in the past cost competitive with Japan in this emerging market countries failed several industry was devastated . So they abandoned the past practice , worked out a new competition outside the axis of the cost .

According Kero Throttle Bod is understood as the result of the contest , and one of the European companies harvest is " senior brand products ." Although the product looks like a " product ", but so many people feel the value of which is the "product" indivisible "inner " part of the traditional culture, including behind the celebrity anecdotes like the product , such as , "even here very elegant "and other implications , as well as throughout the merchandise , stores and corporate philosophy and other aesthetic awareness. Companies to get the victory in this battle , and we need not " lower cost manufacturing ", but " a higher sales price ."

U.S. companies are another case , they developed a lot of European companies with different strategies . However, these strategies are not a panacea . Some kind of strategy is only suitable for certain industries . So , although you can refer to these companies take diversity strategies , but Japanese companies must consider their own history , their own industries and belongs to the current location in which to develop a suitable strategy.

In addition, one pair at any position of enterprises are universal principles. That is, " the same as with the previous approach is not feasible ." Substantial adjustment of corporate strategy will be inevitable. In this case the change of industrial structure and social environment, and the cause of these changes and technological progress must have a strong awareness.

For example, " digital convergence ." Fusion mean centralized , end , convergence means, digital convergence means that although had always belonged to different areas , but "broadband" and "Digital " for the common ground , so that differences gradually disappear , to achieve the industry's " integration" and " integration " phenomenon.

This change caused a major factor is the network. With the popularity of optical communications , CATV and ADSL etc. , office or home access to broadband is no longer rare. Despite the popularity of broadband in the future will be full , but the wireless broadband will soon become a common thing . If anywhere can easily use broadband , then not only is the PC and TV , all kinds of electronic products networking. Broadband access will be extended to all local venues including outdoor and automobiles . Broadband will become a social premise .

Now the " TV ", " mobile phone" , " PC " and " car navigation systems " are the product of the advent of the 20th century . Since this is no broadband infrastructure when born , so far does not have broadband hardware features . But if broadband becomes the premise of social infrastructure , this structure will be mutated. The main features of the product can be provided by the network , it will gradually make the terminal easier. Moreover, the difference between personal computers , car navigation systems and mobile phones and other terminals will be getting smaller and smaller . Estimated that there was only a difference of each terminal " screen size" and " Use spaces " in different bars.

TV currently networked. Phone before you can use a variety of services via the Internet , and you can watch single-band television. PC can not only watch TV but also the same call . Standard TV tuner car navigation systems will increase, and you can use the communication module receives data . Many equipment manufacturers are now still seems to have " Our company is a computer company ," or " Our specialty is car navigation systems " and other strong industrial differences in awareness. But from the user 's perspective, these are no longer important.

This is not just the developed countries have to do. Not only the developed countries, emerging market countries are fast popularity of mobile phones , and the Internet is also spread at an alarming rate . But broadband , the environment in emerging market countries is far from mature.

According Kero Throttle Bod noted that, while emerging market countries are to continue to promote mobile Internet -based popularity of the Internet , but has been widely spread in the use of low-cost models for broadband content , there are still restrictions . Expense of consumers in emerging market countries may be terminal or services paid for and never will be higher. China and India 's large population , if the wireless broadband support video and voice data traffic such as large , it will inevitably result in a communication line congestion. Emerging market countries are beginning to less investment in infrastructure from the "wireless" network , while the increase in traffic to compensate for lack of bands and perfect "wired" network, which is the opposite pattern of developed countries the popularity of the Internet. Therefore, even if the rapid spread of the Internet , broadband penetration also take some time.

But even if there is a time difference , most people in most areas will eventually have broadband access environment , the direction will not change. This will bring a variety of business change . In other words , the old business will decline , a huge new business will rise , this trend will subvert the world .
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